On February 25, 1999, the Department of Entomology at Texas A&M University celebrated its 100th year anniversary. From the responsibilities of “devising means, if possible, of destroying the Mexican boll weevil,…” in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas in 1899 to the current role of involvement in international activities related to food and fiber, the Department of Entomology is ranked as one of the best in the Nation. The primary strength of the department is the collective expertise in basic and applied entomological research, coupled with strong academic programs. Undergraduate and graduate students are actively recruited for employment opportunities and advanced degree study worldwide

The TAMU Department of Entomology remains unique and essential in addressing the needs of the Land Grant University in Texas. Faculty and staff of the department are widely distributed across the state of Texas, actively involved in basic and applied research, academic programs, extension projects, educational outreach efforts, and regulatory areas.

With a clear mission, purpose, vision, and goals, the Department is poised and fully committed to continued involvement in international arenas.

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