Sherman Weaver Bilsing

Department Head—Research and Teaching

Dr. S.W. Bilsing was a longtime entomology teacher and researcher at Texas A&M College. Bilsing came to Texas A&M in 1913 to be an instructor of entomology. He became acting department head in 1915 and department head in 1918, a position he held until 1947. He retired from Texas A&M in 1952. Bilsing’s primary contribution to Texas entomology was teaching future entomologists. Several prominent entomologists received their introduction to entomology under his tutelage.

Bilsing’s research interests mainly concerned insects attacking pecan trees. He was the leading authority on the biology and control of the pecan nut casebearer and published some basic works on the species. He took an active role in various scientific organizations, serving as Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Entomological Society of America, and the Texas Academy of Science. He was also instrumental in establishing the Texas Entomological Society and served as president for its first six years of existence.

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