Raymond E Frisbie

Ray FrisbieDepartment Head—Research and Teaching

Dr. Ray Frisbie was appointed Professor and Head of the Department of Entomology on July 5, 1993. He has been with The Texas A&M University System for 26 years. Dr. Frisbie has a national and international reputation for the development and delivery of IPM systems. His area of expertise is cotton IPM. From 1972 to 1993, he coordinated 22 Extension IPM programs across 60 major agricultural producing counties involving 10 commodities in Texas. He led in the formation of the Texas Pest Management Association, the largest farmer operated, non-profit IPM association in the U.S. Dr. Frisbie was a primary organizer of the National Coalition on IPM, a producer, food processor, environmentalist, and consumer coalition formed to support greater implementation of IPM in the U.S. He also led in the organization of the National Foundation for IPM. He was a founder and served as Director (1991-1993) of the Center for Biologically Intensive IPM at Texas A&M.

Dr. Frisbie has an extensive publication record with over 125 publications in scientific journals, books and conference proceedings, and has served as the lead editor on three books. He has received the highest professional honors for outstanding achievement from the Entomological Society of America, the American Registry of Professional Entomologists and The Texas A&M University System.

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